Aprosmictus: Red-winged Parrots - Species / Sub-species

Red-winged Parrots


Blood-winged Parakeets: Please refer to Red-winged Parrots 

Crimson-winged Parakeets: Please refer to Red-winged Parrots 

New Guinea Red-winged Parrots:

Distribution: Coastal areas from southern New Guinea, northern Australia and a few offshore islands

Description: As Red-winged Parrots (erythropterus) featured above, but crown and back of head strongly washed with blue; back and shoulder feathers slightly tinged with green; plumage generally paler; slightly smaller. Female with duller plumage than erythropterus female, particularly on wings and upper back. ... Length: 30 cm (12 ins); wing 175 - 199 mm (6.9 - 7.8 ins)

Species: Scientific: Aprosmictus erythropterus coccineopterus ... English: New Guinea Red-winged Parrot ... Dutch: Nieuw Guinea Roodvleugelparkiet ... German: Neuguinea Rotflügelsittich ... French: Platycerque écarlates ... CITES II - Endangered 

Papuan Red-winged Parrots:

Distribution: Coastral southern New Guinea, Western New Guinea, Papua

Species: Scientific: Aprosmictus erythropterus papua ... English: Papuan Red-winged Parrot ... Dutch: Papua Roodvleugelparkiet ... German: Papua Rotflügelsittich ... French: Platycerque de Papoea ... CITES II - Endangered 

Red-winged Lory: Please refer to Red-winged Parrots 

Timor Red-winged Parrots:

Description: Yellowish-green; back green with slight bluish tinge; lower back and rump bright blue; bend of wing blue; lesser wing-coverts and inner median wing-coverts yellow with light greenish tinge; outer median wing-coverts and greater wing-coverts red; remainder of wing green; under wing-coverts yellowish-green; tail upperside green with greenish-yellow tip; underside dark grey with yellow tips and edging to inner webs; bill orange with yellow tip; iris orange; feet grey. Female as male, but with bluish tinge to back; bend of wing green; iris slightly darker. Immatures as female, but lesser and inner median wing-coverts greenish; iris brown; adult plumage at 18 months. ... Length: 35 cm (14 ins)

Distribution: Timor and nearby Roti Island Timor Red-winged Parrot

Species: Scientific: Aprosmictus jonquillaceus jonquillaceus ... English: Timor Red-winged Parrot ... Dutch: Timorese Roodvleugelparkiet ... German: Timor Rotflügelsittich ... French: Platycerque erythroptère de Timor ... CITES II - Endangered 

Wetar Red-winged Parrots:

Distribution: Wetar Island (Maluku Province), Indonesia.

Description: As Timor Red-winged Parrots (jonquillaceus), but lesser and inner median wing-coverts green with slight yellowish tinge; greater wing-coverts less red; slightly smaller. Female as jonquillaceus female, but upper wing-coverts darker green. ... Length: 34 cm (13.5ins)

Species: Scientific: Aprosmictus jonquillaceus wetterensis ... English: Wetar Red-winged Parrot ... Dutch: Wetar Roodvleugelparkiet ... German: Wetar Rotflügelsittich ... French: Platycerque erythroptère de Wettar ... CITES II - Endangered


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