Amazon Parrots - Species Listing

Amazon Parrots - Species Listing Orange-winged Amazon

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Bahamas Amazon

Belize Yellow-headed Amazons

Black-billed Amazons

Blue-cheeked Amazon / Dufresne's Amazon (Amazona dufresniana dufresniana)

Blue-crowned Amazons / Guatamalan Amazons

Blue-fronted Amazons / Turquoise-fronted Amazons / Blue-fronted Yellow-shouldered Amazons

Bodinus' Amazons

Chapman's Mealy Amazons

Cuban Amazons and Western Cuban Amazons + Cayman Brac Amazons, Cayman Parrots or Cayman Islands Amazons / Parrots

Culebra Island Amazons

Diademed Amazons

Double Yellow Head Amazon / Double Yellow Headed Amazon

Equador Amazons

Festive Amazons

Greater Yellow-headed Amazons

Green-headed Amazons

Guadeloupe Amazons: Species: Scientific: Amazona violacea ... English: Guadeloupe Amazon ... Dutch: Guadeloupe Amazone ... German: Veilchenamazone ... French: Amazone de Guadeloupe CITES Status: EXTINCT Distribution: N/A - Extinct species.

Hispaniolan Amazons

Imperial Amazons

Kawall's Amazon

Lilac-crowned or Finsch's Amazons (Finschi) . Finch's Amazon and Sonora Lilac-crowned Amazons

Lilacine Amazons

Marajo Yellow-headed Amazons

Martinique Amazons: Species: Scientific: Amazona martinica ... English: Martinique Amazon ... Dutch: Martinique Amazone ... German: Martinique Amazone ... French: Amazone de Martinique CITES Status:- EXTINCT Distribution: N/A - extinct species.

Mealy Amazons (Farinosa) + Plain-colored Mealy Amazons + Costa-Rica Mealy Amazons

Blue-cheeked AmazonNatterer's Amazons

Orange-winged Amazons + Tobago Orange-winged Amazons + Micra Orange-winged Amazons

Panama Yellow-fronted Amazons

Puerto Rican Amazons

Red-capped Amazons

Red-crowned Parrot / Amazon / Green-cheeked aka Red-crowned Amazons, Mexican Red Headed Parrot (Virididgenalis) Mexican Red Headed Amazon

Red-lored Amazons aka Yellow Cheek Amazon

Red-necked or Blue-faced Amazons

Red-spectacled Amazons

Red-tailed Amazons

Red-topped / Red-crowned / Red-Browed Amazon

Saint Lucia Amazons

Saint Vincent Amazons

Salvin's Amazons

Scaley-naped Amazons

Tucumán Amazons

Vinacea Amazons / Vinaceous Amazons

White-fronted Amazons / Spectacled Amazons + Sonora White-fronted Amazons + Lesser White-fronted Amazons

Yellow-billed Amazons + Jamaican Yellow-billed Amazons

Yellow-crowned Amazons / Yellow-fronted Amazons

Yellow-faced Amazons (Formerly Amazon, now considered Pionus)

Yellow-headed / Double Yellow-headed Amazons

Yellow-lored Amazons / Yucatan Amazon

Yellow-naped Amazons / Golden-naped Amazons + Roatan Yellow-naped Amazons - Honduras Yellow-naped Amazons

Yellow-winged Amazons

Yellow-shouldered Amazons / Rothschild's Amazons


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