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Cocoa is an African Grey lives in Malaysia with his family.

Congo African Grey - CocoaCocoaCocoaCocoaCocoa

His family took him out for a morning outing to a nearby river called Sungai Langat or Langat River in English. Koko was safe wearing his Bird Harness and the photos leave no doubt that he was having a wonderful time enjoying his family and the natural beauty of this popular tourist place. First are some photos of Koko and his owners and below that some photos featuring this tourist spot and a map.

Koko alone on the perch enjoying the view of the river

Family photo with Koko

Koko enjoying durian, king of fruits

Koko in front of mini chalets

For African Grey Koko everything is a toy

Scenic view of the river

Fruit stand


Sungai Langat or Langat River in English