Suzy's Memorial Page

Good Bye Little


Beloved Pet of
Lloyd and Melinda Squires

Our dog Molly found "Suzy" by the drain pipe on our back patio on a sunny Sept. morning. I had seen feathers in the yard earlier in the week, but only thought a cat had gotten a bird. Three or four days later there was Suzy. I took Molly in the house while Lloyd got Suzy to get on his finger. We had no idea what a bird ate, but she was thirsty. We looked in the paper for lost birds. One ad a lady and her daughter came to look, but theirs was a male. Well, we learned we had a female.

She was a little shy, but soon we were scratching her head like she had been with us forever.

One day I remember I had gone out the back door and left it open, as I turned around there was Suzy sitting on the counter top right beside the open door. After her well remembered outside fight for life she knew outside was not where she wanted to be.

She loved having full flight of the house with her knew friend Milo. (He is the other bird in the picture with her - below signature line.) But when Milo flew out the door on a cold rainy night in December of 98 she got her wings clipped. She loved to be carried around on our shoulder. She would "always" step up when you put your finger down or present her head to be scratched. She laid three clutches of infertile eggs. but she tried, she would have been a good mom.

We don't know where she came from but she won our hearts and turned us in to BIRD People. We now have 50 birds. She will always be remembered. My little "Suzy Zoo"

Lloyd and Melinda Squires