Nina's Memorial Page

Sept. 1998 - March 1999

Nina - My Little Girl

As I held you that day and I rocked you
And we said our last good-byes,
I knew that you were leaving me
When I looked into your eyes.

Myheart was breaking because I knew
No Matter how I tried
Nothing could help or bring you back
And I was losing you!

Your love was great though,
Your life was short,
And you cannot be replaced.
Because you see, dear Nina',
You're in a corner of my heart !

Nina' was a beautiful female, blue front Amazon hatched September 21, 1998. She was sick from the beginning with a "frozen" crop (the food would not pass). I treated her with anti-biotics and anti-fungal medicine and after three weeks, she seemed normal. Little did I know that the medicine, in such a small creature, could cause malignant tumors. But the Veterinarian said if I had not treated her with the medicine, she would have died much sooner. She lived 6 months and in that time, stole my heart as no other bird has. She was very loving and affectionate and I truly miss her. She was buried in our yard with all her toys and a large stone marks her grave. Now she is flying free.

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