Katie's Memorial Page

... Goodbye, Katie ...

March28,1995-February 6,1997

Katie (Secada) was the light of my life - at the time of her death I was going through a divorce and the devastating illness of my 9 year old daughter, which made the loss even more heartbreaking. She was the one constant thing in my life that could always make me smile.

My kids always got home from school before I got home from work, and apparently one of them had thrown their jacket over the back of the chair close by Katie's cage. Somehow she had managed to reach through with one of those talented little feet, and had worked the tab of the zipper off of the jacket and ingested it.

Of course I didn't realize what had happened until a few days later when she became ill at which point I took her to her vet who did x-rays and found the zipper tab. He sent her to a special Avian Vet in Albany, NY. who was to do the surgery. I was told that it was a simple procedure that was done routinely, and that I could wait for her and take her home. Thankfully, I had time to love and snuggle with her before they took her in. The surgery did not go as well as expected, and they were unable to remove the tab - they came out and told me that they did not dare to leave her under the anesthesia any longer, that they were going to bring her out of it, and try again in the morning. I stayed with her most of the night. I did not want to leave her, but I had to go to work. I cried all the way home.

Her surgery was scheduled for 9 AM the following morning, and I was at work, a nervous wreck waiting for the phone to ring. No word. At noon I finally couldn't wait any longer and called them. The receptionist told me (in a very cheerful manner!) that she had died on the table. I couldn't believe it. I was totally devastated.

I miss her so much with her cheerful "hello sweetheart" every time I walked into the room. Little more than a baby herself, she gave me so much joy and unconditional love, I will carry her with me in my heart always.