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Resplendent Quetzal

Male Golden-headed QuetzalQuetzals are brightly-colored birds that occur naturally in the tropical regions of the Americas.


  • Crested Quetzal (Pharomachrus antisianus) - Found in South America - in Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela.

  • Golden-headed Quetzal (Pharomachrus antisianus auriceps): Found in Panama south through Colombia and Venezuela to Northern Bolivia.

  • White-tipped Quetzal (Pharomachrus fulgidus) - Found in South America: Venezuela, Colombia, and Guyana.

  • Resplendent Quetzal (Pharomachrus antisianus mocinno): Found in southern Mexico south through Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua and Costa Rica to western Panama.

  • Pavonine Quetzal (Pharomachrus pavoninus) - Found in the Amazon Basin of the North Region, Brazil, Amazonian Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and northern Bolivia; also regions of Venezuela.

  • Eared Quetzal (Pharomachrus antisianus neoxenus) - Found in Mexico, with some rare records from southwestern United States.

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