Bird Diseases and Common Health Problems: S - Z

Bird Diseases / Common Health Problems: S - Z
Symptoms & Potential Causes ... Bird Species & Diseases They are Most Susceptible to
Changes in Bird Weight: Weight gain or weight loss - the primary indicator of health or diseaseBudgie Sounny suffered from scaly mites that eventually compromised the integrity of the lower beak, which had to be removed. A tumor started growing shortly after the removal of the beak

Index of Avian Diseases

Bird Diseases / Alphabetic Listing:

Bird Diseases: S - Z Below

Salmonella / Salmonellosis ... Sarcocystosis ... Scaly Face Mites ... Scaly Legs / Feet Disease ... Scissors Beak ... Seizures ... Self / Skin-Mutilation ... Skin & Feather Disorders ... Slipped Wing ... Splay Leg

Staph Infection / Staphylococcus (Green & Healthy Website)


Tassle Foot ... Teflon Poisoning ... Toes - Crooked ... Tuberculosis ... Tumors (Cancer) ... Tumors (Fatty) ... Toxicities / Poisoning / Ingestion

Visceral Gout ... Voice (Loss or or Changes in) ... Vomiting

Watery Droppings ... Weight Gain / Weight Loss

West Nile Virus (Green & Healthy Website)

Wing Problem / Angel Wing

Yeast Infections

Xanthomas (Fatty Tumors)

Zinc Poisoning ... Zoonotic (Animal / Human) Diseases

Bird Diseases: A - C ... D - M ... N - R ... S - Z (this page)

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